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Since graduating from The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance with a Diploma, Higher Diploma and BMus Hons Degree in guitar and composition, Joe has taken to all areas of the music industry.

As a freelancer Edwards composes for a multitude of mediums, such as circus, theatre and film/media.

As a part time recording, mixing and mastering engineer, Joe regularly works with artists from his studio in Newcastle, UK.

Joe Edwards currently works with CIRC Motif, composing and performing his bespoke scores live, as seen in their latest production, 'The Art Of Cuddling, And Other Things...'.





Music Production


Performing Arts




My name is Joe Edwards, I’m a composer, sound designer, producer and performer and I use music as a mechanism of communication. 

As a neurodivergent music creator with dyslexia, music has always been the voice I never had; creating sound gives me the ability to say what I can’t put into words. Working both alone and collaboratively with different genres, art forms and platforms, I’ve learnt to expand on my art as a second voice.


During my degree at The Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance I began releasing records and touring internationally before moving onto more compositional based work.

Working on composition took me into the world of film and media, allowing me to transpose my skills for digital platforms. This adaption of my skills contributed to how I work now, both for digital and live media.


This continuation of adaption took me into the live performance sector, specialising in circus and theatre.

This truly evoked my creative horizons, enabling myself as an artist to produce and sonically enhance music in response to a live performance situation. 

Creating bespoke musical pieces for live performance kickstarted my research on how multidisciplinary art forms can enhance and broaden my musical language.

Notable collaborations, commissions, performances and highlights

​Collaborations and commissions:

  • The Art of Cuddling, CIRC Motif

  • Composition for ‘Hollywood Medium’

  • Head sound designer for ‘The Artist’, Filskit Theatre

  • Sound design and composition for ‘WET’, Fluid Motion Theatre

  • In house composer/ performer for Let’s Circus

  • Composition and performance for the Confetti Cabaret

  • Audio production for ‘A Christmas Carroll’, Tatwood Puppets

  • Audio production for ‘Hedgehog’, D Project

  • Film score for ‘Hidden, directed by Leo Astudillo

  • ‘Life In Exile’ album by Shields, funded by Longbranch Records

  • Music Courses Workshops, France - John Renbourn

  • Sync Licensing brief - George Christie

  • Music Courses Workshops, France - John Renbourn, Clive Carroll Mark Olsen

  • Songwriting - Ladina Sasha

  • Audio production and arrangement - William Poyer

  • Ghost writing & audio production - Peter Cuthbert

  • The Black Charade, a tribute to My Chemical Romance

  • Dusted, a tribute to Busted

Notable tours/ festival/ showcases:

  • Hammersmith Apollo NYE 2017

  • Extensive international touring in venues such as Koko, London

  • Sold out album release show with band, Shields

  • Full European tour with Kevin Thrasher (L.A. Producer) of ‘Escape The Fate’


•  ‘Life In Exile’ - Shields

•  ‘Harkened Hands’ - JW Edwards

  • ‘Desert Plateau’ - JW Edwards

  • 'I Renounce' - Matthew Marshall

  • 'Innominate' - Matthew Marshall

  • 'No Front Teeth' - Drifted

  • 'Dead Man's Hand' - Ethos

  • 'Losing Sight' - Revealer

  • 'All Ease' - Levitate

  • 'Inner Self' - Against The Inspiration

  • 'Godless' - Darkest Days



  • BBC Radio Newcastle, Nick Roberts

  • BBC Radio1, Daniel P Carter 

  • Amazing Radio, Newcastle

  • “If folk music is known for a rawness and honesty and rock music for drama and dynamic, then Hearkened Hands sits at a point where those two worlds collide” - Dave Franklin for Dancing About Architecture

  • ““Upside Down” plays off frontman Joe Edwards and guitarist Sam Kubrick’s vocals against each other with both showing impressive range.” - Metal Noise

  • “Joe Edwards truly portrays his vocal range perfectly, while keeping in melody with this track.” - Phill Walker, Alternative Paradise

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